Tuesday, January 31, 2006

In convenient bullet point form:
Single againStill smokingStill baldMildly confused about my life's current directionMuch good news at work (I'm going to teach AP next year)Drinking probably a little too much on the weekends (never during the week, though)Have now played bar trivia twice (feel like I should be tivo'ing American Idol)Kind of have to piss right nowTiredCoaching again, which is niceNot brokeStill shortRealizing I have three weddings coming up (two of which I'm in) and it's freaking me outStarting to have friends that are girls again. It's been a whileStill thinking about finishing grad schoolPretty much wore out my Broken Social Scene albumFalling waaaaay behind on the bloggingHave not had sex in over a week. Afraid I will fall off my gameRunning, albeit slowly, againHonestly, I think I've gotten a little sexierStill on TV at school

The fallout to my being on TV at school:

Random girls I've never seen before: Omigod, omigod, OMIGOD!!! You're the TV teacher!!!

Me: Ummm, hello.

Random girls I've never seen before: Omigod! Ms. So-And-So said that you're head was actually that shiny in real life but we didn't believe her but it is! It is that shiny! Omigod!

Me: I'm glad you're enjoying the program.

Funny moment. A girl in class, her weave is itching her head something crazy so she keeps patting it and poking at it with a pencil. Since everyone is still working on his or her MacBeth final, it's sort of loud. The only thing I could think of doing is asking if she needed a glass of water. It's my answer to pretty much everything.


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