Thursday, May 18, 2006

Mary Poppendieck had a keynote session on Star East ('The Greatest Software Testing Conference on Earth) with an attention-drawing title:

"Your Development and Testing Processes Are Defective"

Mary offered four suggestions (summerized here by The Braidy Tester who attended) for putting your software development process on a diet:

Eliminate waste. Focus on what adds value for your customers and drop everything else. Don't tolerate defects. Inspect to prevent defects, not to find them. Don't just log bugs but rather fix them as soon as you find them. Don't batch and queue. Don't leave bugs lying around; either fix them or Won't Fix them the moment they come in. If you have requirements churn then you are specifying too early, and if you have test-and-fix cycles you're testing too late. Optimize the whole. Optimize the whole product, which is not just software but a comprehensive solution that solves a customer problem. Optimize your whole team: Dev and Test and Program Management, not just Dev or Test or PM. Optimizing for point productivity drags down overall productivity. Counterintuitive though it may be, letting one group go idle for awhile will often speed up overall throughput.

Mary Poppendieck elaborated on similar points in publications on her site

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I have a picture of John Paul, the Great above my computer. It shows him on his first day as pope. He looks so young and healthy. There's no hint of how much he was later going to suffer. I love Pope Benedict but I really miss John Paul II.

Rest in peace, Papa and pray for us.

In convenient bullet point form:
Single againStill smokingStill baldMildly confused about my life's current directionMuch good news at work (I'm going to teach AP next year)Drinking probably a little too much on the weekends (never during the week, though)Have now played bar trivia twice (feel like I should be tivo'ing American Idol)Kind of have to piss right nowTiredCoaching again, which is niceNot brokeStill shortRealizing I have three weddings coming up (two of which I'm in) and it's freaking me outStarting to have friends that are girls again. It's been a whileStill thinking about finishing grad schoolPretty much wore out my Broken Social Scene albumFalling waaaaay behind on the bloggingHave not had sex in over a week. Afraid I will fall off my gameRunning, albeit slowly, againHonestly, I think I've gotten a little sexierStill on TV at school

The fallout to my being on TV at school:

Random girls I've never seen before: Omigod, omigod, OMIGOD!!! You're the TV teacher!!!

Me: Ummm, hello.

Random girls I've never seen before: Omigod! Ms. So-And-So said that you're head was actually that shiny in real life but we didn't believe her but it is! It is that shiny! Omigod!

Me: I'm glad you're enjoying the program.

Funny moment. A girl in class, her weave is itching her head something crazy so she keeps patting it and poking at it with a pencil. Since everyone is still working on his or her MacBeth final, it's sort of loud. The only thing I could think of doing is asking if she needed a glass of water. It's my answer to pretty much everything.

i m sorting out thots in my mind.. there are some issues that i m going to have to address. like what i reallly want to do for the rest of my life. actually, the cosmetic industry is on the top of the list. 2nd and third would have to be a simple low paying lab job, and a high paying stressful and unhappy rat race.

do not think i will want to be in the conflict filled sales and customer service sector.
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Thursday, December 01, 2005

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